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Haters gonna hate.
Wednesday, February 22, 2012 , 3:25 AM , 0 Comment[s]
Okay, I'm saying this to the haters, which I don't know who, but I heard about it all the time.

Dear haters, I'm sorry If the way i talk is too harsh or If i did hurt your heart. The reason I'm writing this entry right now, I'm just gotta tell you guys how do I feel when you guys insults me for no reason and how do I feel towards you guys. Okay, can you guys pretend that I'm the one who insults you and backstabbed you for no reason, BESIDES, I don't even know who you are yet. what will you fucking do? Will you just sit there like a retarded ? K, I'm also a human being like you, and also have a heart. Oh well, I don't know if you guys do or not. But seriously You know what? keep on hating me for No fucking reason. Yes, I would love to know who you are, but sadly I changed my mind, I'm not bothered to introduce myself to the people who doesn't even know me well and insulting me like I'm your fucking shit! Go on, continue insulting me with you bullshits gang and bitches. I had enough with this stupid haters like you guys. I have no idea what kind of heart do you guys have, do you think insulting people can make you famous or can make guys more liking you? oh shit no way girls, guys will chase the girl who they thinks they got a kind hearted, and i don't think you guys ever have a guy that ever chased over you? Oh and, yeah, Thanks for ruining my life with those words that you've been saying behind my back. Okay, To be honest, don't you know that haters don't hate anyone, You guys just hate yourself because I'm your reflection what you guys wanna be, Am I right?and yeah haters, i know no matter how perfect i try to be or how hard I try to be nice to people. I still got haters right? but that doesn't include the insults shits ? Can't you guys think what I feel? Thank god you've been given me a heart that always be patient on every single shits happens. I'm so glad to be me, I know who I am. Thanks for everything haters.