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Happy Birthday kak farah! :*
Thursday, February 23, 2012 , 1:24 PM , 0 Comment[s]

Kay, hello ebarybady! hehe excited teramat gila lah buat entry pagi2 ni ;) Okay its becuz, today is my beloved sister's birthday guys! yallah yallah sing it for her! hoho, kay, buat entry sebab pija bothered gile untuk wish dekat die pagi2 ni through internet, well yeah besok insyaAllah pija pergi celebrate birthday die, itu pun kalau mama pija kasi, insyaAllah. Amin Amin :* Ok, so her name is Nur Farahin Binti Ismail.Dia ni, ya Allah, Baik nyaaaaaaaa, pndai cheer up people, pndai jaga hati orang, pandai memasak, rajin wooo, selalu mengalah, and dia ni cantik, comel, gorgeous sangat-2 ;) well ofc kakak pija :* hehe, so pija nak berterima kasih sangat2 dekat dia selama ni dah bnyak tolong pija through every shits that happens to me and giving me a super duber good advice ;) hee I really appreciate what've you done to me. And if korung nak tahu, dia ni peramah orang nye, sweet sangat-2 kalau korung dengar suara cartoon dia tuh, peeeeeeeergh, cair molek! #cewaaaah :P tapi seriously, dia memang sweet kay, so pija nak wish something kat akak comel ni :*

Hey sister, remember me? ofcourse you :* Omg, its your birthday! Happy birthday my great and glorious sister Farahin! :* In your birthday today, I hope you have the greatest time ever! Let our lors fulfill all your desires and wishes. I wish you the best because you deserve it darling! you have no idea how happy it makes m to be able to send you a hug on your birthday, even when we are at such a great distance. Thank god, for letting me to have a good sister, friend like you :) For the most beautiful girl in the world, Happy Birthday! may god bless you on your birthday, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you the best! I think in this important day, you receive a big hug from me. ;) Today is a beautiful day sis, it must be made just for you on your birthday ;) I wish you'll have the best day ever :* Today, you grown up, and yes. you turned out great ;) Omg, I miss you more than you know! you lift me up! you're a loving caring person, you're one of a kind, and always a pleasure. Have a really good day kak ! All the best for ya, enjoy it to the max baby :* Loveyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :* <3