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Tuesday, January 17, 2012 , 11:04 AM , 0 Comment[s]

Assalamualaikum, sihat? dah makan? dah minum? how's life? Bf sihat? gf sihat? parents sihat? My life? pfft, getting sucker day by day. know why? kay, pija nak luahkan perasaan pija dekat BLOG kesayangan pija ni boleh? :|

I got a best best best best best best best friend called MIRA ABD RAHIM. (kaayy, I'm telling you in public, so that everyone will know that you're the only bestfriend I got) Okay, problem kita orang sekarang benda yang sama jugak, TAK pernah benda lain, hmm. K, aku tahu dia mmng dah berkawan dengan orang lain jugak kan? I know that, and aku tak paksa, cuz thats her life, her choice, her decision. I'm fine with that, sumpah kay.

But the thing is, she get sooo close to the other girl tau, and yes I admit I fucking jealous ._. and that doesn't mean that I controlled her or I don't want the to be friends with other.s It just like, Pfft, okay, because, Its been a weeks I haven't talk to her :'| dia berwalling, bercomment, bertagging, berchatting dengan orang lain but not me? kenapa? Did I make you feel bored? Kay, I knew it. This feelings :'| Full of sadness and crying, I couldn't describe ;( Bukan kata pija jealous, but ;/ hmmm, ya, pija tahu mira pun nak have fun . and pija suka time tngk mira sesukaa je bila webcam ngan kwn-2 ;) #Keep it up. But ..... :( I might not be the best friend for you kay, but atleast I tried. I tried to be the best! This is all i can do, I can express my feelings to you if I could go to your house and face you right now. Fyi, I hate my attitude , I hate my negatively thinking -,-' Aku tahu, forgiveness is not somethine we do for other people. We do it for ourselves to get well. Sumpah, tonight is the worst night for me ;( Dengan sikap pija ni, persahabatan ni jadi mcam ni kan?
ya Allah :'( pija langsung tak chat ngan Mira .Sumpah rasa pija hilang semuannya :'/ Kita org diamkan diri je. Is that how shud I treat her? #For god sake, no =,= Sumpah i cant really look at her feeling bila pija dah buat dia menangis malam-2 ni. Sumpah i cant really look at her feeling bila pija dah buat dia menangis malam -2 ni. ya Allah, sakitnnya mata ;( but no worries, pija sanggup mengalir kan beribu , berjuta-2 air mata untuk dia je. :')

This is us, the left girl is Mira Abd Rahim, The girl that Im talking right now. Sweet tak kami? hehee :D /i love her so much, I love her smile
REMEMBER, There's no way for me to hate you syg, Takkan ada satu jalan pun untuk pija membenci mira :')

Trust me, I'll learn how to bersabar dan mula berfikir tentang hati dan perasaan dia. And please. jangan sesekali mira memendam perasaan sekiranya mira tak suka sikap pija. Cuba lah berbincang dan berterus terang dengan pija agar masalah tuh dapat diselesaikan bersama.Pergaduhan dalam persahabatan adalah perkara biasa. Kita sering mencari kesempurnaan dalam persahabatan tetapi tiada siapa yang sempurna dalam dunia. Pija sayang mira seandainya. Real friends are always going to be there by your side, even at time when you tell them to leave. And mira, even we're in a badsituation right now, I'm still going to be here by your side. Because friendship is one of the most beutiful thing on Earth, mostof us need friends to share out thought, share our happiness and sadness in life, However all of us know what is a real friend. and I found one, which is you, I found my real friend called Mira Abd Rahim. As you know, My pain may be the reason of somebody's laugh. TO ME YOU'RE PERFECT! You've brought colors in my life. I really appreciate whatever you help me through my problems even though it might ruined your mood. I'm so sorry for everything that involve you in my problems ;/ I promise!What ever happens, this friendship won't ever fade! I'll do anything to defend our friendship, Im sorry!

Lots of love ERNEY♥ 
Iloveyou Nur Amiah Rahwani Binti Abd Rahim