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Please, trust me? :'|
Thursday, December 15, 2011 , 1:04 PM , 0 Comment[s]

Salaam, K malam ni mmng DOWN gila babeng lah kan ? Hmm, Astarafirullah :'( Tuhan saje yang tahu mcam mana pija rasa malam ni, Hati ni dah memang bercerai sangat-2, takda apa dah boleh buat aku tersenyum selain dia yang boleh cheer me up for anything :'/ seriously, pija nak dia balik :( Pija menyesal sangat sebab dah mintak putus dengan dia sedangkan dia memang betul2 sukekkan pija :/ pija tktau semua tu, pija ingat dia sekadar main-2 sahaja, sebab dri cara dy layan pija pun, pija dpat rasa :/ tapi.. ya Allah, pija salah! :'( Pija terlalu ikutkkan hati! Urgh, -,- serious , aku sayang kau gegila ! My heart was make up to be yours. :/ I'm sorry :'( Please? Urgh, Depressednnyaaaa :'( #K, sbaar pija :/ Tak sangka aku boleh buad dia maccam ni :( Ish -,- BODOOOHHNYAA AKUUUUUUUU! :(

Awak sayang tercinta, Sorry for everything :/ I dont meant to do that. I wasn't thinking at all, I wish i could be like you other EX. The one who can make you smile, the one that can make your life happy without having any sadness :/ I'm truly sorry for everything I've done. But don't worry, I'll keep on loving you Gedik, I'll do anything to get you back♥ Hee~ and its because, the strength of my heart are strongly tied together for you :( but sorry, I can't be perfect, Im an asshole! I don't think about other peoples feelings :'/ im sorry. but serious, aku sayang kau sangat! Take my words, I used to think that love wasn't worth fighting for, but then when I saw you, I was ready for war. Hmm, forever is along time, tapi aku tak kisah kalau habis kan masa dengan kau :( Because boy you complete me in so many ways. Aku tak dapat lupakkan kau wahai lelaki sejati :( 4 Months and 2 weeks I've been falling in love with you )': can you imagine how long is that? and how hard will it took me to forget a sweet guy like you AZThe 4 months and 2 weeks will stay in my heartforever! from the time we first started going out until now! you have unfailingly shown me how it is to be really cared for cherishes. Thanks alot sayangku :D I'll never forget you :')

Lots of love Erney