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Happy Birthday Kenik ! :D
Sunday, October 30, 2011 , 12:18 PM , 0 Comment[s]

Assalamualaikum guys ! Haaa cepat2 pija tulis entry ni ha .Harini ada Birthday boy haa :p Si abang atas ni haa ^^ :P ensem ke dak ? boleh la tahan kan ? Bhahaha, but sorry, dia ni terlampau muda but otak dia tuh, matured gilos. XD .Wahhh ta sangke today is his birthday . Sllu nya aku ta layan birthday2 orang ni, Except for the ones who important to me lah :p .Tpi kli ni aku lyan . Ofc lah cuz dia ni one of my bestfriend ;). Ingat kan nak jadi orang ke first wish Birthday kat die, podahal bdak2 malay yng x tido lgi tuh dah wish, haish :p Yee dah besar dah dia . 12 tahun or 13 ntah  .Hoink kenik!, On you special day, I’d like to wish you and say ‘Happy Birthday!’
This is your special day; I hope you enjoy it to the fullest!May all your dreams come true, for when they’d do.You and I are meant to be BestFriends.I just want to remind you that you are the best person I have ever met in my whole life. Don't bother what anybody else has to say, you have changed my life and I will never forget that. Maafkan pija kalau pija ada salah dekat Amin. I dont mean to do that.I wish you all the finest things in life, my dearest friend because a royalty like you deserves the best.May you always wake up in the morning with a smile on your face.Thank you for understanding and trusting me so much. But most of all thank you for standing by my side and believing, I was right even when everybody thought otherwise.I wish the best of best comes to you. Happy Birthday Amin Wish you all the best . 
//Best Wishes xoxo ! Semoga panjang umur. Hihi . Dan semoga bertambah hensem  K