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24th August 2011♥ Di bulan ramadhan ♥
Sunday, August 28, 2011 , 7:24 PM , 0 Comment[s]
Assalamualaikum . xD
x jawab, pija gigit kang ~ >:D
24th August tarikh yang x dapat dilupekan smpai biler2 ;] for me it mean something to me >:D
and i exactly know what is it ;) naak tau?! :p Its because that date would be the same as the ones that i love
 Abu Zarrin Daud :D

Pade 24th August 2011, pijaa dngan Abu kapel >:) and pade 24th august tuh larh tarikh Annoversary pija ngan ex pija si bangla ni Dheo Adrian . ;] (si playboy)
But aku sikit pown x kesah pasal harituh, sebab aku dah dpat lelaki yng btol2 buad aku gile laaaaaaar ~ ;p
kalau krang nak tao lar kan. ;) Personality Abu lagi baik dari Dheo ;) seyes cakap. :D
Tapi x pew ler, pija dah ckup bhagie dngan si Atukk ni >:D
Aaah,x tau nak ckap apew? ;p
otak penuh name "ABU ABU ABU ABU" HAHA :p
Aah, papew jer lar. nak tngok gmbar hensem dy tuh x yunk? ;] kjap eaa.
Tadaaaaaaaaaa. hensem ark?
Haaaaaaaaaaachum ! heensem an an an? cieyha :p
Abu Zarrin Daud♥
14 years old :]
29 November 1997 .
Taken ♥ by me :*

and obviously the heart is also TAKE baby, so dont take a not of that dude!
yes, i am taken, Its Taken By my sayaang Abu Zarrin Daud.♥
so bitches, dont tryto take him from me okay bbe? love ya♥
I love my life so much, Eventhough its quite complicated, but heyya, well the people in my life aree just
AWESOME ♥ Escpecially him ;)
They mean the universe to me and please dont take em away from me. >:D

P/S : Klau dy gatal2 ngan korung, g tao pija keyh? :D